Jeff Rowland - A Walk In The Woods

Jeff Rowland - A Walk In The Woods - 'I set out to paint a wooded scene without deviating from my rain soaked style, I found a lovely little dirt track in Northumberland while out and about and this became my inspiration. Ahead of me were a group of people so far in the distance that they became that blue-gray colour. This sparked the idea. I saw that I could paint this scene in the style that I am known for, however, using the trees and autumn leaves to achieve a warmth within the composition. When I add warmth to a painting it usually comes from a light source. This maybe street lighting or a reflection from a bar or cafe window, but in this case I did not have to use any light source for warmth, only the natural warmth from the colour of the trees. Even though my work is set in rain I always try to give them a positive, warm and up-lifting feel to them. The cinematic influence is the happy ending, a feeling that this couple have made it through the rain.'

Canvas On Board
17.5" x 22"

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